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The Toronto Phantoms (2001-2002) were a Arena Football Team. They were the first and only Arena League team to compete in Canada. Before the team was moved to Toronto, it was also in New York and New England.

Toronto Phantoms
Logo for the Toronto Phantoms

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Toronto Phantoms
Franchise Information
Founded 1997
Folded/Ceased Operations 2001
History New York CityHawks (1997–1998)
New England Sea Wolves (1999–2000)
League Arena Football League (AFL)
conference Eastern/National
Arena Air Canada Centre
City Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Colors Black, Light Blue, Red, Grey, and White
Head Coach
Championships None
Division titles None
Conference Titles None

History Edit

In 1997, the Arena Football League want a football team in New York City, the new team was call the New York CityHawks, the team did very bad in the first two years, winning only 5 of 28 games. In 1999 the team was moved to Connecticut, and changed their name to the New England Sea Wolves, the team only lasted two year, but had there first winning record of 8-6. The team was then sold to a new owner in 2001.

The Toronto Phantoms would play all their games at Air Canda Centre. In the First season the team won 8 of 14 games reaching the playoff. They won the first round but then lost their second game of the playoff. The team didn't do go they last year as they only won 5 games and losts 9. After the 2002 season end the team folded.

2001 Season Edit

Week Date Opponent Home/away Result
1 4/14/01 Buffalo Destroyers Home L 54-61
2 4/21/01 New York Dragons Away W 68-58
3 4/27/01 New Jersey Gladiators Away W 28-25
4 5/5/01 Grand Rapids Rampage Home L 45-62
5 5/12/01 Tampa Bay Storm Away L 33-70
6 5/19/01 Oklahoma Wranglers Home W 72-38
7 5/26/01 Florida Bobcats Away L 44-51
8 6/2/01 Orlando Predators Home L 22-70
9 6/7/01 Indiana Firebirds Home L 34-45
10 Bye Week Bye Week Bye Week Bye Week
11 6/23/01 New York Dragons home W 66-49
12 6/30/01 Carolina Cobras home W 62-56
13 7/6/01 Buffalo Destroyers Away W 61-26
14 7/14/01 New Jersey Gladiators home W 52-45
15 7/20/01 Carolina Cobras Away W 53-50

Playoff schedule for the 2001 Season Edit

Round Date Opponent Home/Away Results
Wild Card 7/27/01 New York Dragons Home W 64-57
Quarterfinals 8/3/01 Nashville Kats Away L 38-45

2002 Season Edit

Week Date Opponent Home/away Results
1 4/20/02 Tampa Bay Storm Away W 51-37
2 4/25/02 Detriot Fury Home W 50-30
3 5/4/02 Arizona Rattlers Away L 47-58
4 5/9/02 Indiana Firebirds Home W 45-36
5 5/18/02 Buffalo Destroyers Away L 46-49
6 5/24/02 New Jersey Gladiators Home L 38-45
7 6/1/02 New York Dragons Away W 63-38
8 6/9/02 Georgia Force Away L 22-35
9 6/13/02 Buffalo Destroyers Home L 27-55
10 6/21/02 Orlando Predators Away W 47-34
11 6/27/02 Los Angeles Avengers Home L 44-58
12 7/4/02 Carolina Cobras Home L 44-58
13 7/13/02 New Jersey Gladiators Away
L 55-57
14 7/18/02 New York Dragons Home

L 65-66


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