Buffalo Destroyers

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The Buffalo Destroyers were a team in the Arena Football League. They were created because of concerns of demise or relocation for the NFL's Buffalo Bills. When the Bills announced that they were staying in Buffalo, the Destroyers struggled to co-exist with the Bills. In 2003, their final season in Buffalo, NBC had blacked out all of their games, leading the Destroyers to relocate to Columbus, Ohio.

The above is completely off base.

The Buffalo Destroyers received the type of support you would expect a losing minor league team to get. Their first couple seasons they sold out their Home arena for every game, but the product on the field was simply not good and attendance began to drop. The main reason the Destroyers left town was simply their owner, Mark Hamister, was not happy when his deal to buy the NHL Buffalo Sabres fell through. His feelings were hurt and he packed up the team and left. The Destroyers were never in direct competition with the Buffalo Bills, the ArenaFL was a Spring/Summer league and the Bills welcomed the attention that the Destroyers brought to Football year round.

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